HealthAdditional booster dose against Covid-19: who is concerned and with which vaccines?

    Additional booster dose against Covid-19: who is concerned and with which vaccines?

    Additional booster dose against Covid-19: who is concerned and with which vaccines?

    The new vaccination campaign with so-called “bivalent” vaccines, capable of targeting both the original strain of the virus and variants close to Omicron, started on October 3. On paper, it only targets the most fragile. In practice, the situation is quite different.

    This is a confusing situation, especially as the holidays approach and in the midst of an epidemic recovery. Like many health professionals for several weeks, Elisabeth Borne urged this Wednesday on RTL all French people to go get vaccinated again. Yet the vast majority do not fit into the eligible audiences.

    Launched on October 3, the latest booster vaccination campaign is aimed, on paper, at people over 60, those with comorbidities, health professionals and those in regular contact with fragile people.

    “In practice, vaccination is open to everyone, but it has never been officially written,” laments Pierre-Olivier Variot, president of the Union of Community Pharmacists.

    Anyone who wants to be vaccinated again can do so.

    He explains that the vast majority of pharmacies vaccinate all people who want it and who had their last dose more than six months ago. “When an ineligible person shows up and we have an open vial of vaccine, we don’t ask ourselves the question and we vaccinate, but, without instructions, the question can arise to open a vial”, continues Pierre- Olivier Variot.

    “Some might refuse because there are no clear rules,” adds the pharmacist.

    He therefore asks the competent authorities to open up the additional booster dose to everyone.

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    “Everyone gets a bivalent vaccine for a booster”

    Another question: which vaccines are administered for these additional booster doses? On the website of the Ministry of Health, it is indicated that, for the target public, “bivalent messenger RNA vaccines, that is to say protecting against both the initial strain of Covid-19 but also against the Omicron variant have been developed”. What about the rest of the population?

    “Today, everyone gets a bivalent vaccine for a booster,” confirms Pierre-Olivier Variot.

    “Monovalents are only used for primary injections now”, he explains, that is to say for people who have never received doses of vaccine against Covid-19.

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    “If you go to your pharmacist and say: ‘I’m going to see my grandmother during the holidays’, you have free access to the vaccine. Everyone has to go, you have to be attentive for fragile people by being vaccinate if you have to go see your family during the holidays”, implored Elisabeth Borne.

    Source: BFM TV

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