HealthA fat cell’s immune response may worsen one’s obese condition

    A fat cell’s immune response may worsen one’s obese condition

    About 600 million people around the world are suffering from obesity. In the United States, has the highest body mass and is one of the parts of the world where obesity is growing to become one of the major problems, commonly diagnosed in people part of the local population.

    Obesity can speed up the development and a person may be diagnosed with other diseases such as cancer and diabetes

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    It is not a disorder that is caused by over-eating or not exercising enough but it also disturbs the conversion process of food to energy – that occurs in our bodies.

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    It can also heighten the chances of a person leading towards a complicated state and getting infected with life-threatening infections or during these present times they may catch the COVID-19 virus

    Back in 2009, during the H1N1 influenza pandemic, it was also observed that obesity increased the risk of fatality or the severity of the patient’s condition.

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    With other detrimental effects in our body’s health system, this study shows another side-effect of obesity. It may have a major effect on the working of the fat cells and they may develop an immune response which makes obesity worse.

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    A study, led by researchers from the Cincinnati Children’s and University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, published another damaging effect of obesity online in Natural Communications

    It showed that chain reactions occurring in the fat cells may release a substance called type 1 interferon that results in an immune response, thus increasing inflammation within white adipose tissues (WAT) – a layer of excess fat found around our thighs and arms.

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    All of those who do not know what type 1 interferon is, it is a substance that is released by cells infected viruses to strengthen their defenses and become immune to the anti-viral chemicals or organisms introduced in the body to fight the viruses.

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    In this case, it is released by fat cells and it promotes the development of other obesity-related diseases such as type 2 diabetes, non-alcoholic fatty liver and there is an increased risk of people becoming infected by the COVID-19 virus. 

    It also increased the production of fatty acids and speed up the processes of inflammation, glycolysis inside our bodies.

    Scientists have continued to further investigate how the type 1 interferons acted to change the metabolism of adipocytes and how can they “mimic” the inflammatory, immune responses, and abilities.

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    Netsanet Mesfin
    Netsanet Mesfin
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