Health11 ideas to combat climate change from your shopping cart | ...

    11 ideas to combat climate change from your shopping cart | Health & Wellness

    11 ideas to combat climate change from your shopping cart | Health & Wellness

    I suppose that with this summer that we have, denying climate change and temperature rises has no place. The future doesn’t look very rosy with the fact that this is the coldest summer to come, so well, we’ll have to get down to business.

    I am with you that energy measures are something that belongs to governments and we need greater regulation to protect us, but it is no less true that, as citizens, we have the power and responsibility to take care of the earth and stop, in what is in our hands, climate change.

    There are always two options in life: take responsibility and the impact of our actions or look the other way because our measures are not the most important or defining. Personally, I lean towards the former, out of responsibility and because just as I take care of and clean my house, I do the same with the piece of land that I get, which is nothing more than that, my house.

    It has already been shown that food has a very important impact on the shortage of water and natural resources, and if we all do something, it is to eat. The FAO estimates that to produce 1 kilogram of meat, between 5,000 and 20,000 liters of water are needed. On the other hand, to produce 1 kilogram of a cereal such as rye, between 500 and 4,000 liters of water are required. The numbers speak for themselves, but, in addition, a preferably plant-based diet is healthy and complete.

    If you feel that you have some power and some responsibility over what is happening to the planet, this article is for you. If you think that the only thing missing was for them to tell you what to eat and what not to eat, and you don’t plan to give up the steak right away, leave it here, don’t make your day bitter.

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    This article only intends to give ideas so that, to the extent that you can and want, your diet is more plant-based, and, therefore, more respectful of you and the planet. I do not intend to impose anything, because if I believe in anything it is in freedom, but many times I find myself in consultation with patients who want to start being more vegetables and don’t know where to start, so here’s an easy guide, made with love:

    – Make a local and proximity purchase, whenever you can go to the market and not so much to the supermarket. I know that with the rhythm of life that we lead, this is sometimes more utopian than practical, but if you can’t, look at the origin of the products and think that, if an avocado comes from Colombia to your supermarket, its very, very sustainable consumption is not . Use cloth bags, you don’t need a legion (having two or three is enough), recyclable bags or a shopping cart. I make you spoilers: Even if you have everything ready to make a more respectful purchase, one day you will go shopping and you do not take your cloth bags. Nothing happens, sometimes it happens, and luckily there are more and more reusable bags in markets and supermarkets. As a personal trick, it works for me to always carry a cloth bag with me.

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    – Be respectful of production and seasonality. We insist on eating oranges in August and it is nothing more than a whim. If you buy seasonal fruits and vegetables, not only will the planet notice, but your pocket will too.

    – Make a weekly count of your meat consumptionsausages included, and make yourself a reduction proposal, something that is sufficient and significant for you, and stick to it.

    – Start by doing a day without meat. The bell meatless monday (Monday without meat, in English) emerged with the aim of reducing meat consumption at least one day of the week. It is an international measure to which more than 40 countries have joined since 2003.

    – Go back to vegetablesIt is incredible that a food so nutritionally complete, and so cheap, is used so little. Minimum of two to three times a week.

    – Replace grated cheese with nutritional yeastit is great for gratins and it is a way of making changes in the very mice. It is important that the yeast is nutritional, and if it is from beer that it is debittered, otherwise the change will not seduce you.

    – Normally, cheese is the most difficult to reduce or eliminate, keep making changes. For example, swap cream cheeses for trail mix or hummus. For the most advantaged there is the option of spreadable tofu.

    – Try some vegetable drink, they are as healthy and complete as milk. In their criticism I hear mainly that they are water, like milk, and that they do not provide calcium. That is true, although most of them are fortified in it. In addition, it is important that you know that calcium is not only obtained from dairy products, there are vegetable sources that provide us with this mineral, even in greater quantities than dairy products, for example: broccoli, sesame, cabbage, kale, cauliflower, beans, almonds , chickpeas If you think that soy is depleting the planet due to the consumption that vegetarians and vegans make of it, you should know that soy is used mainly for livestock feed.

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    – Give opportunities to vegetable protein (tofu, seitan, tempeh, quorn, textured soy). Do not burden yourself with the purchase of all, try a new one a week, learn to cook it and decide whether or not to incorporate it into your diet. There are now many products that require no more than ironing.

    – If you decide to try tofu, you should know that yes, the texture is strange, but not much more than a mussel or any bivalve when we first eat it. It is important that you marinate with your favorite spices or season with curry, in the end it is what we do with the chicken breast, and nothing happens. The tofu is delicious, if we give it a help.

    – Always, in any change, the ideal is that it be progressive, at your own pace, and that it consolidates. And yes, believe me, any action you take is already doing something.

    “Many small people, in small places, doing small things, can change the world” – Eduardo Galeano.

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