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    Young Miko’s lights and audio are turned off at a concert and she bursts into tears

    The Puerto Rican singer Young Miko He experienced an outrageous moment during his concert in Costa Rica on September 16. The rapper, who was in the middle of her presentation, saw how the stage lights and even the audio were turned off so that she could get off the stage, which ended up making her cry. in front of the massive public.

    The event was the anniversary of an event production company called JoGo and according to what some fans who attended the place have expressed on social networks, Miko would have gone on stage half an hour late, but that did not prevent her from giving an impeccable and energetic show that the audience enjoyed.

    However, Everything changed when the artist, who had already finished the time they had given her to perform, was preparing to close her show with ‘Classy 101’, the successful collaboration he has with Feid. Suddenly, The lights went out and the singer-songwriter commented on her rejection of what was happening, which caused the public to connect with her more and support her.

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    “They turned off the light and everything so that I could leave here quickly. Don’t be unhappy, I’m missing one. I’m here with my people, I never come to Costa Rica, C*bro%“She said upset.

    ‘Baby Miko’, although they left her in the dark, decided to ask the fans to shine the light with their cell phones so that she could continue singing.

    “How do they do this? Enlighten me, enlighten me. Help me here, my people,” She said starting to sing accompanied by the people, but The organizers of the show turned off his microphone so that he could not continue.

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    She continued her performance, but when she saw that they did not return the sound to the microphone while they let the track play, she bowed to the audience and waved goodbye to express her gratitude.

    Before leaving the stage, he began to cry, perhaps because of the helplessness and frustration of what he was experiencing. In several of the videos that circulate on the networks You can see the ‘Lisa’ performer covering her face with the black hat she was wearing so that it wouldn’t be obvious that she was crying.

    Although at the end of the song they turned the microphone back on, she was already affected by what was happening and crying, she said: “Thanks, I love you. It’s ‘Baby Miko’.”

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    ‘Baby Miko’ after leaving the stage She went through the front row of the audience to greet those who were there supporting her and hugged several fans who were trying to cheer her up. so that he would not feel bad about what happened with the organizers.

    Be that as it may, the incident showed the affection that Young Miko’s fans have for her, so Through his Instagram account he dedicated a carousel to thank him for the support he received from the Costa Rican public.

    “Costa Rica, my heart stayed with you… Thank you!” he wrote to accompany the video showing what the audience looked like lighting while the stage was dark.

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