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    Yailin surprises with a new romantic theme and they tell him: “Anuel AA did not let you progress”

    Just a week ago, the rapper Yailin “La Mas Viral” became the mother of her first-born along with her husband Anuel AA, from whom she would be separated. Now he is giving what to talk about on social networks due to a change in musical style that has left his followers surprised.

    In her latest Instagram post, the Dominican promotes her new song and shows off her talent with singer Shadow Blow. His fans and detractors have reacted with astonishment at the radical change in musical genre that he gave, even insinuating that Anuel AA had Yailin’s musical career “stuck”.

    In the clip, which already has more than 800,000 likes, there are about 43,000 comments, including some such as: “The one who did not let you progress was Anuel, you are better off without him”; “The first song I love from her”; “That’s real music, not all tacky that makes it look bad and makes everyone hate it” and “First time loving a song by her. If he continues like this, he’s going to go too far.”

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    Something that caught the attention of the followers in the shared clip is the voluptuous and sexy figure that the artist wears after giving birth to her little Cattleya weeks ago.

    Yailin has also used her Instagram ‘stories’ to share the lyrics of her song, which stands out for its message of love and support: “Whenever you want, call me, if you need me, hug me, if you see my defects, improve me, don’t leave me alone, come with me.”

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    The lyrics of this single have generated great curiosity among the artist’s followers, who wonder if it will be dedicated to her still-husband Anuel AA. Could it be that Yailin has joined the group of celebrities who are releasing songs dedicated to their ex-partners?

    The truth is that Yailin’s song is already hitting hard on social networks, and her followers are using it to accompany her reels on TikTok and Instagram.

    Yailin gave birth to her firstborn on March 13, and although the Puerto Rican ragpicker confirmed in early February that they were separated, it is not known for sure if they have gotten back together. since the singer has not shared any photos of the birth of his daughter or some moment sharing with the little girl and her mother.

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    What is clear is that Yailin ‘La Mas Viral’ is taking advantage of her popularity to interact with her fans and promote her new collaboration with Shadow Blow.

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    Source: La Opinion

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