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    Yailin shares messages of “threats” from Anuel AA: he says he doesn’t let him see his daughter

    Yailin ‘The Most Viral’ He had warned Thursday night that he had messages that would bring to light the hard moments he has lived with anuel aa and this fridayThe singer was surprised by sharing some photos of conversations with “threats” from the trapper.

    Despite the fact that she said that she was waiting for Anuel AA to tell her when the talks were going to go up, she decided to do so to continue in the “give and take” that broke out on July 6 after the comment left by Tekashi 6ix9ine for sharing Cattleya’s face without her authorization.

    Less than 24 hours ago Yailin had shared the photo of her face with a bruise that the Puerto Rican ragpicker would have supposedly given her when they were together and she was pregnant.

    On this occasion “La Mas Viral” showed her Instagram stories some WhatsApp conversations and even a video of a conversation they had in which he allegedly threatened to “end” the lives of those who approached her.

    “You know that as I see you with Frabian, someone from the choir or Archangel (…) you are going to have a fucking problem with me, Yailin. And if you think it’s a joke, challenge yourself. If you are going to do your things, tryis read in the loudest chat.

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    In another story, Jorgina Guillermo Diaz -the singer’s first name- published a telephone conversation in which it seems that Anuel AA affirms the threats of the written messages.

    “He was writing to me that he was going to kill Alfa (…) that he was going to kill Rochy or Arcangel if he saw them with me. I have all that.” Yailin is heard saying, while Anuel AA responds: “You know I don’t play.”

    The “Chivirika” also shared a story where the interpreter of “Mas Rich Que Ayer” supposedly assures her that it will harm her professional life.

    “Why are you like this? You already damaged my career. That (is) what I wanted, turn off my career. They paid you to hurt me. C?&/ Lulu (middle name of her) how is she going to do that? Don’t be like that, tell me what I have to do”can be observed in the catches reported by the Dominican.

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    In another screenshot in which he ended up sharing “without realizing it” the phone number of Emmanuel Gazmey -Anuel AA’s real man-, he wrote a strong message dedicated to him.

    “Trash, leave me alone, nobody needs you here. Make your life damn#$&. If I was silent all this time, it was so as not to hurt you ”, sentenced.

    The singer had already accused Yailin “La Mas Viral” of being a “liar” after she pointed out that he had beaten her while she was pregnant and showed photos, but after the publication of the conversations, especially the video of a phone call they had made him react.

    Again through his stories on the camera’s social network, Anuel AA spoke out, this time to make it clear that the one who was speaking with the Dominican was him. However, urged her to share the full video of that conversation where she would confess that she is not allowed to visit Cattleya, who only has three months to live.

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    “I said that I don’t play and everyone knows that I don’t play. You were the one who mentioned there and put the whole video, don’t pick it, that right there you said like a girl planning everything (it’s good that you admitted it) and I answer you (that you invent all the shit you want to try to fuck$%#* that you’re crazy), Do not cut the video well conveniently! Put when you accept that you do not let me see my daughter, it is what you have to do, that you accepted it and also denied it in the same conversation ”noted the artist.

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