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    Yailin La Mas Viral twerks in a transparent bodysuit and Tekashi 6ix9ine leaves her a strong message

    Singer Yailin The Most Viral He took advantage of Thursday, September 7, to raise the temperature on Instagram, first with a sensual photograph wearing a bikini with her skin bathed in oil and then a video wearing a mesh bodysuit and dancing daringly.

    In your profile on the camera’s social network ‘La Chivirika’ challenged censorship with the clip in which she appears with the sensual transparent style suit with dragon-shaped appliques on the breasts, a small cloth covering her intimate area and thread in the back that exposes its rear.

    The outfit highlighted her curves and contributed to the sensuality that she wanted to convey because in the audiovisual She danced twerking without fear of anything or anyone and to the rhythm of ‘Bongos’ by her admired artist Cardi B.

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    “This p*ssy is Dominican”the artist wrote in English to accompany the post she made.

    In less than 24 hours, Jorgina Guillermo’s publication – as is her first name – already has almost 900 thousand likes and some 28 thousand comments from users of that social network who have had all kinds of opinions on the post.

    Days after they started ringing speculation about an alleged beating that 6ix9ine would have given to La Mas Viralthe rapper did not hesitate to react to the sensual video shared by his partner, who was first his “collaborator” in the songs ‘Pa’ Ti’ and ‘Shaka Laka’.

    In a forceful way and revealing the complicity that exists between them, he wrote in the comments: “Hahahahahaha you can’t be left alone, wait until I get home.”

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    The texts of the Dominican in English and the American in Spanish make it clear that both would be improving their writing in those languages.

    “She’s going to make me become a man.”; “But in the scenario where you have to move, you don’t”; “Only Yailin can turn on the networks at midnight”; “Look for help, you need it! What a horrible way to get your fans’ attention! But I have always said that that is what you are good for because you have no talent! “We remove the extensions, the plastic that you have in the t***, the biopolymer that you have in your p*** and what is left of you? NOTHING REMAINS!”; “Girl, but those walls look like rubber, your arms are all weird, you abuse the editing, come on” and “Here I am again, my God, the lazzy Yailin from before was needed”are some of the opinions that Instagram users have left in the publication.

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