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    Yailin La Mas Viral and Anuel AA confirm that they will be parents: she is a girl and already has 2 little brothers

    The Chivirika Yailin The Most Viral and the ex of Carol G., anuel aa they will be parents as we had already confirmed a few weeks ago. In several videos, the trap singer had already revealed her pregnant belly and now it is a fact. This serious the third child for the Puerto Rican. Both confirmed that it is a girl.

    An absence from social media confirmed what everyone already knew: Yailin and Anuel AA will become parents. This is the first child for the Dominican and the third for him. Namely, the girl who is on the way already has 2 little brothers. The least of them it will take just over 1 year with the new baby on the way.

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    So much Yailin La Mas Viral as Anuel AA celebrated in a baby shower that many affirm could also be an ecclesiastical wedding. Let’s remember that the civil marriage of the couple of exponents of the urban genre took place at the speed of light, informally and they did not have much time to celebrate. But they always kept the promise to throw a party for everything big. We do not know if this was the case, but that there was a party in Dominican Republicthere was.

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    anuel He arrived on Dominican soil with his work team and was very happy and content. Yailin The Most Viral I was waiting at the party and there they both celebrated and They let it be known that they are expecting a girl.

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    anuel aa He already has two children. One is Pablo Anuelproduct of his relationship with Astrid Cuevas, who until recently was suing him in a Puerto Rican court for not spending enough time with the child. She also at some point said that the singer was supposedly taking her out of a house that belonged to him.

    Anuel’s sister denied these accusations and said that her brother supports not only his son but also his mother and her family very well. She alleged that she has a residence, luxury vans and has even paid for trips to Miami.

    Anuel was seen with his son at an autograph signing in a store and the complicity between the two was perceived at a distance.

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    When did you start your relationship with Yailin The Most Viralit came to light that he had had an intimate encounter with a Colombian influencer named Melissa Vallecilla. The reporter for El Gordo y La Flaca, Tanya Charry, said at the time that she spoke with the woman in question. The same allegedly assured him that she had had a relationship with the trap singer and that she was expecting a child.

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    He also said that anuel aa He knew that he was going to be a father and that everything was going well until suddenly he no longer communicated with the singer. Months later, Melissa Vallecilla made her daughter known through her account of instagram. the girl is called Gianella Gazmey Vallecilla. That is, it bears the surname of the singer born in Puerto Rico.

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    The girl was born just a few days after Yailin and Anuel make their marriage public. The new daughter of the reggaeton player will spend just over a year with his little sister who is on the way. Congratulations to the couple!

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