EntertainmentXimena Navarrete faces the scandal for alleged fraud in Miss Universe

    Ximena Navarrete faces the scandal for alleged fraud in Miss Universe

    The controversy generated during the broadcast number 71 of miss Universe last January 14 continues to give people something to talk about, because what for many was a fraudhas been denied by some members of the jury, one of them was the former Mexican beauty queen Ximena Navarrete.

    And it is that, after Myrka Dellanos came out to defend herself against the strong accusations in which they claimed she had sold her vote for her to win Miss USA, now she was the former Miss Universe 2010 Ximena Navarretewho faced the scandal.

    It was through the stories of her official Instagram account where the model and actress from Guadalajara, Jalisco, denied that the coronation of R’Bonney Gabriel It was a fraud, because she really had enough preparation to be recognized as the current ambassador of universal beauty.

    “She is beautiful, she is super prepared and just as she had to win this year, because that is how it happens, and other countries remain dissatisfied, I can only tell you that we are a jury voting on a machine, on a computer, that the numbers and what we put goes directly, that is, there is no way to move it, nor to try to fix something, They are numbers that are very clearly recorded, so there is no way this is illegal or wrong“he commented.

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    In the video series, she explained that on this occasion she was only a jury for the live program, so she did not have the opportunity to choose the participants who made it to the top 16.

    “I had to be part of the jury in the final part, from that top 16 is when I start to vote and they show me their interviews that they did in private to start qualifying and see how they develop, how they speak and how they think,” he revealed. .

    He stressed that he perfectly understands that some fans of the contest are sad because Miss Venezuela did not win since she was a participant that he personally loved, but it is a very complicated decision and he trusts that the United States had to be in that place for a reason.

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    And to end the controversy, he pointed out that Venezuela had had such a beautiful, prepared and complete contestant for a long time, because that was what he transmitted to him and surely they will do very well.

    On the other hand, he took the opportunity to express his discouragement because the representative of Mexico, Irma Miranda Valenzuela, was disqualified from the first phasebecause he also wanted to see her shine on stage.

    “I was very sad that Irma, Miss Mexico, did not enter, because she is a great candidate, a great contestant, she was very pretty and very prepared, we are left with the desire to listen to Mexico and see its participation”, he expressed.

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    As for the mistake that the production made by confusing it in the middle of the presentationclarified that it is something that could happen since all the jurors occupied the wrong place, so it was a detail that got out of hand.

    “Those things happen on live shows, They all changed our names, when they said a name someone else’s face came out and it happened to all of us. It was probably a production error because we were badly seated when they accommodated us, so we can’t control these things,” he said.

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