EntertainmentXavier Lopez 'Chabelo' had an unrecognized daughter named Leslie Perez

    Xavier Lopez ‘Chabelo’ had an unrecognized daughter named Leslie Perez

    Xavier Lopez “Chabelo” tried to stay out of the scandals in his private life, but he could not avoid the rumors that he had an extramarital relationship while he was married to Teresita Miranda.

    As if the above were not enough, as a product of the aforementioned forbidden romance, he had a daughter whom he did not recognize for 18 long years, it is Leslie Perez.

    Different media outlets reported at the time that the woman with whom he was related is called Oralia Perez, and said love affair would have taken place in the early nineties.

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    It was in 2009 when Oralia Perez and her daughter Leslie, who was 18 years old at the time, denounced Xavier Lopez so that he would acknowledge his paternity and although he denied it, the authorities ordered a DNA study.

    The test result showed that Chabelo had had a daughter out of wedlock, so he had no choice but to recognize Leslie as his fourth daughter, since the presenter fathered Oscar, Javier and Juan Gabriel with Teresita Miranda, his second wife.

    Leslie is currently just over 30 years old, however, she has not come out to offer any statement after her father’s death, nor is it known if she had a close relationship with him.

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    Source: La Opinion

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