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    Woman accuses Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys of raping her at the age of 15. He says she lies

    The singer Nick Carter from Backstreet Boys He is again embroiled in accusations of sexual abuse. A new woman, who made a complaint anonymously, says that the singer raped her at the age of 15 on a yacht.

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    The singer’s lawyer, Dale Hayes Jr., says this is a lie and that his complaint is baseless. Apparently, this same woman, whose name is protected, denounced the singer 20 years ago.

    Nick Carter’s legal representative assures that, at that time, the complaint was dismissed for lack of evidence. Also, that they are waiting for it to present some beyond making a complaint to the singer of Backstreet Boys.

    Nick Carter, for his part, assures that his claims are lies. Like the complaints made by two other women months ago, in which they also say that They were sexually abused by Nick Carter.

    Shannon Ruth is a woman with autism, who also claims to have been raped by the Backstreet Boys singer. He says that this happened on a tour bus, that he was given a drink they called “VIP Juice” and that then he proceeded to abuse her and that he called her: “Retarded bitch“.

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    The woman, who gave a press conference together with her relatives and her lawyer, also said that singer Nick Carter infected her with the human papillomavirus and that she hoped that, with her complaint, more women would dare to break the silence.

    “Although I am autistic and living with cerebral palsy, I believe that nothing has affected me more in my life than what Nick Carter did to me. I hope that by going public today, other women will find the courage to speak up and demand that she take responsibility,” she said.

    Melissa Schuman, a singer, also said that Nick Carter sexually assaulted her: “I’m doing what I thought I couldn’t do anymore. I am filing a report with the Police. Thank you to RAINN (Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network) for empowering me to take this step,” she said.

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    The artist also maintains that the incident occurred when they were both working on The Hollow, a film, for which they “recommended” her not to denounce the interpreter of “I Want It That Way”, because she had the best legal team and also, she would cut short her career. in the entertainment industry.

    Nick Carter has denied these accusations at all times. Even one of them was rejected. Melissa Schuman’s. She said that Nick Carter invited her to her house after she worked on the set of the film and that there he forced her to perform oral sex and have intercourse with her in her bedroom.

    Even if the crime occurred, it prescribed in 2013, as it was supposedly done in 2003 and, although in Los Angeles sexual crimes do not “expire” after 10 years, it did not request retroactive review and it could not be carried out. The alleged victim said she knew this could happen.

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    Nick Carter and his representative, once again, completely deny the statements of both the previous victims and the one who now denounces again. Singer Melissa Schuman says that it doesn’t matter that her case has been dismissed, as she assures that more cases related to the Backstreet Boys star will continue to come to light.

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