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    Without a bra, Yalitza Aparicio debuts an urban look and shows them off on Instagram

    The Aztec pride Yalitza Aparicio gave a cue of the eye from his account of instagram showing off her beauty without fear of anything and in the middle of summer. The Hollywood actress used a deep neckline, without a bra and a rather urban look that, although it is not for the first time in it, he had already been flirting with this style for a while.

    It’s not the first time we’ve seen Yalitza Aparicio doing a true act of irreverence with fashion. In addition to the versatility of the actress from the movie Roma, since all of her outfits fit her very well. From the most classic label to this more casual and everyday. The knowledge that she has of what works for her as a whole is extensive. Sample of this, It’s the Dion Lee suit she wore to an event for the exclusive Casa Azul tequila.

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    “This weekend I had the opportunity to discover Clase Azul Tequila Gold. Its decanter is made by Mexican artisans and inspired by our beautiful sunsets ”, was part of what Yalitza Aparicio wrote on her Instagram account. this while she posed in a lace-front skirt and a plunging-neck white blouse with no bra.. Half tail hair, perfect. It’s no secret that it’s one of those greatest attributes.

    Not only the beauty of the artist born in Oaxaca is the object of compliments wherever she goes. The responsibility with which it takes its roots and its preservation have also captivated more than one person in the world.

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    Proof of this is his most recent work with UNESCO. Yalitza Aparicio, as the organization’s Goodwill Ambassador, was at the headquarters in Mexico. She read a book that shows the diversity of the language and the indigenous origins.

    In the case of the Mexican, she has been one of the most applauded Latin actresses in the difficult Anglo-Saxon entertainment industry. Not once has she overlooked how proud she is to be indigenous.

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    This was done within the framework of International Day of Indigenous Peoplesin order to preserve the thousands of languages ​​of many communities that are in danger of exinansion.

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    A fight that the Marvel actor, Tenoch Huerta, has also battled. Both have been in the spotlight for their talent and have not missed the opportunity to make clear the talent and human qualities of the Mexicans for their own.

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