EntertainmentWithout a bra, Carmen Villalobos shows off her sensual side and poses...

    Without a bra, Carmen Villalobos shows off her sensual side and poses like a model

    Carmen Villalobos has surprised his millions of followers in instagram with some photos in which she poses very sensual, wearing a white jacket that, open, revealed that she was not wearing a bra. She wrote the message next to the images: “Thursday with a lot of attitude 🔥😎💋”.

    The beautiful Colombian actress attended an event and shared a video in which she appears wearing a colorful dress with an opening on one leg, showing herself walking down a corridor as if she were on a catwalk.

    Several weeks ago Carmen publicly announced her relationship with Frederik Oldenburgand now he used his account instagram to publish a series of images that shows them very smiling and in different places. It was all on the occasion of the driver’s birthday: “Today is the most important day since we started dating! How did it all happen 🤗? Only YOU AND I know that story ❤️ and here are some photos of all those unique moments ❤️ Surprising and unexpected? YEAH! But TOTALLY AMAZING and WONDERFUL 🤤🤤🤤!”

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    Source: La Opinion

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