EntertainmentWith a trip to Disney, this is how they celebrated the birthday...

    With a trip to Disney, this is how they celebrated the birthday of Alejandro Fernandez’s granddaughter

    The Fernandez family lived one of the most special dates for them and that is that on March 14, the granddaughter of the singer Alejandro Fernandez, Cayetana, turned two years old and they celebrated it in style.

    First, they threw her a Winnie the Pooh party with her friends, then her parents took her to Disneyland. All this was recorded in photographs and videos on social networks.

    Camila Fernandez and Francisco Barba planned everything at their little daughter’s birthday party, from pinata and pasta, to balloons and a donkey in which the girl got dressed as a princess.

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    At Disneyland, the girl met her favorite character, Winnie the Pooh, and in addition to her parents, there were other relatives, such as her maternal grandmother, America Guinart.

    The party photographer isabel quijano, published a tender image of the birthday girl, riding a burrito, showing that she was very excited to be able to do it. In El Potrillo’s family they love equine animals and it was very original that they had this guest of honor.

    The arrival of cayetana It took the entire Fernandez family by surprise, however, it has also shown that it came to cheer each of its members, especially the son of “Charro de Huentitan”.

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    The first granddaughter of Alexander Fernandez was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, on Sunday morning, March 14, 2021, as confirmed exclusively by the magazine Hello! Mexicowhere they also revealed that the first daughter of Camila Fernandez and Francisco Barba came into the world through a cesarean section and measuring 49 centimeters, weighing 3,660 grams.

    It also transpired that during the surgical procedure, the happy mother had to undergo gallbladder surgery.

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