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    Will Smith calls Jada Pinkett “Mommy”, who debuts a look for her 52nd birthday

    Will Smith He proved to be more in love than ever with his wife. Jada Pinkett Smith, who is turning 52 years old. Against all odds, this couple remains closer than ever. We don’t know if under the same parameters of an open relationship, but together, they are.

    With a very tender message and a nickname in Spanish, Will Smith celebrated his wife: “Happy birthday, Mommy! I have attended 28 of your birthday parties. (I don’t know if we’ll ever top the one Rakim was in… but here’s to a lifetime of trying! Walking each other home,” he told Jada Pinkett.

    Not long ago, they went through the whole Oscar situation and also everything that was said on Facebook’s “Red Table Talk,” regarding a relationship that Pinkett had outside of marriage. Of which it was also said, he had, and that generated a whole emotional controversy for Will Smith’s family.

    We chose to look at the major style changes that the accomplished actress and television personality Jada Pinkett Smith performed in honor of her 52nd birthday. The star He pleasantly surprised his followers by posting a selfie on Instagram showing a new look. Jada chose a pink and bronze tone for her hair this time, giving it a bright and youthful appearance, very similar to that of Karol G.

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    However, the transformation continued. With her new hairstyle, Jada Pinkett Smith also matched her makeup. She chose to highlight her glowing look with a glossy nude lip and baby pink blush. She completed her look with a black turtleneck, silver earrings and other chic and contemporary accessories.

    Her friends and followers showed her a lot of love and congratulations for this Instagram post. Several celebrities, including Jewel, Tyrese Gibson, Jurnee Smollett, Jana Kramer and Mario, gathered to wish him a happy birthday.

    Jada Pinkett Smith has had a difficult year that has been characterized by both professional and personal struggles. He suffered a professional setback in April when “Red Table Talk”, her Facebook Watch show, was canceled after six successful seasons. However, Jada and her team are trying to find a new location for the show.

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    In addition to facing difficulties at work, Jada Pinkett Smith is set to write about her life and experiences in the upcoming book Worthy. This book will detail her rise to fame and her challenging home life. Ella Jada will speak about her own struggles and rediscovery of her deep love, delivering a message of respect and courage that she hopes everyone can understand.

    “The fact that in the last four years I have contributed to the creation and perpetuation of falsehoods about myself, in which other false narratives were born, has surely helped the misunderstandings that surround me,” she says, anticipating what her book will be about.

    The fact that her memoir is published on October 17, a month after her birthday, makes this year even more memorable for the actress. Hollywood.

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    If Will Smith’s book was one of the most talked about years ago, we have no doubt that the same thing happened with Jada’s. “My hope is that through the exploration of my own tumultuous situations to the rediscovery of deep love, we all remember that no matter where we are on our journey, we are all worthy,” he said of everything he has experienced.

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