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    Will Christian Chavez go to jail for showing the Mexican flag with LGBTIQ+ colors at an RBD concert?

    The ‘Soy Rebelde Tour’ of reunion of the band RBD began two weeks agobeing a resounding success in every presentation they have made in the United States, but Right in the middle of the glory, a couple of controversies have arisen with one of its members.

    This is Christian Chavez, who a few days ago generated a first controversy for having worn a pink charro suit and gold tennis shoes to perform some of the group’s songs alone. On that occasion, Luisa Echeverria, queen of the Mexican Charreria Federation, asked the artist not to wear a costume outside of what was traditionally known.

    This time what happened was with one of the national symbols of his native Mexico, since During a concert, he showed a flag with the shield of the Mexican flag in the center, but with the colors that represent the LGBTIQ+ collective, replacing the traditional green and red stripes.

    The 40-year-old artist first gave a few words raising his voice for the rights of that community and giving a clear message about love without distinction of nationality, race or gender, but then He opened the colorful flag revealing that in the center was the shield of the Mexican national symbol.

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    In addition to applauding the artist’s speech, Countless comments were unleashed on social networks from Mexicans who rejected the action that Christian took with his flag and have even asked that he be fined.

    Yes, in the Aztec country there is a Law on the Shield, the Flag and the National Anthem to protect its national symbols. According to its article 56, any alteration or modification to the characteristics of the Mexican flag established in article 3 is considered a crime.

    “The National Flag consists of a rectangle divided into three vertical stripes of identical measurements, with the colors in the following order starting from the flagpole: green, white and red. In the white stripe and in the center, it has the National Shield, with a diameter of three quarters of the width of said stripe. The ratio between width and length of the flag is four to seven. You can wear a bow or tie of the same colors, at the foot of the moharra“, says the article about the characteristics that cannot be modified.

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    In the Federal Criminal Code of Mexico there is a section on “Insults to national insignia”. In article 191 it establishes: “Whoever violates the emblem of the Republic or the national flag, whether in word or deed, will be subject to six months to four years in prison or a fine of fifty to three thousand pesos (Mexican) or both sanctions, at the discretion of the judge.” of judge.”

    Likewise, article 192 of that code points out that “Anyone who makes improper use of the national shield, insignia or anthem will be subject to three days to one year in prison and a fine of twenty-five to one thousand (Mexican) pesos.”

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    Which would mean yes, you can be fined or thrown in jail. If the Mexican Ministry of the Interior -responsible for monitoring compliance with the law- considers that Christian Chavez failed to comply, The RBD could pay a fairly high fine or remain in prison for the time determined by the authorities for the action.
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    Source: La Opinion

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