EntertainmentWhy was Vicente Fernandez Jr hospitalized? we give you the details

    Why was Vicente Fernandez Jr hospitalized? we give you the details

    Once again the Fernandez Dynasty gave us a tremendous scare after it was seen Vincent Fernandez Jr. Hospitalized through his social networks and those of his partner, Mariana Gonzalez Padilla.

    But the “Chapulin Colorado” said that the cunico did not panda, because he really went to the hospital for surgery that he had already scheduled due to a blow to the nose caused by a horse.

    And it is that he did not notify his fans and those of the famous family in advance, which is why he worried when he used his Instagram stories to show himself from a hospital bed.

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    But it was his partner Mariana Gonzalez Padilla, the singer’s fiancee, who ended the speculation.

    And while he used the networks to promote the surgeon who treated him in his surgery, The partner of Don Vicente’s eldest son explained the reasons why Vicente Fernandez Jr. ended up in the hospital.

    It was through a post, where Mariana Gonzalez explained that the operation of Vicente Fernandez Jr. occurred two days ago in Tepatitlan, Jalisco.

    It would only have been one day that he was hospitalized to later be discharged without setbacks.

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    So currently he is already at home completing his recovery and the operations to which he He underwent a septoplasty and, already paid for, he underwent a rhinoplasty to show off a much more harmonious nose.

    Well, it was Mariana herself who, in the aforementioned video, explained that the problems in the nose of Vicente Fernandez Jr. They were derived from a horse accident that he suffered years ago in which he hit his nose and because of this he could not breathe well and was snoring profusely at night, so she was the one who recommended her surgeon and that’s how she got to the hospital.

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