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    Why did Luis Miguel burst into tears at his last concert in Chile? | VIDEO

    This time the Mexican singer Luis Miguel He has us surprised after he unexpectedly burst into tears in what was his last concert of his tour in none other than Chile.

    rarely Luismi has made himself look vulnerable in front of his fans and much less in front of the media cameras.. That’s why she was very surprised when she let herself get overwhelmed with feelings and started crying.

    This unleashed multiple speculations about the reasons that led him to cry in this way, since various fans indicated that it would have been due to his separation from his partner, Paloma Cuevas.

    Well, the Spanish businesswoman had to leave it since her daughters started school and therefore she had to return home to Madrid to be with them. But the reality would be different.

    Precisely for this reason, it was revealed, according to various Mexican media, that the Mexican singer burst into tears before the effusive applause of the public who attended his tenth and last concert in Santiago.

    The famous Chilean venue had a resounding full house, as it managed to make all the Andeans vibrate, and that showed that The night promised to be more than special, since it was the closing of their concert series in the city, expectations were high.

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    After finishing his great performance at the Movistar Arena in Chile, the singer of “La Incondicional” surprised by taking a moment to thank his followers for having attended and dedicated themselves to each of his concerts.

    This speech was overshadowed when, Luismi was clearly overwhelmed by the response of his audience. Which caused the interpreter of “Cold as the Wind” to shed some tears.

    Well, absolutely the entire venue surrendered to him with the voices chanting his name and the sustained applause created an atmosphere that not even the singer of “No se tu” himself could resist.

    This moment immediately went viral on social networks for being so moving for many fans, so various fans did not stop replicating it.

    With thousands of fans and not so fans commenting on the artist’s authenticity and humanity, proving that behind the icon there is also a human being.

    “Micky ended up crying and killed me,” “I saw his little tears fall into his little green eyes that turned red. I was 1 meter away from him, or 2” “He ended up very emotional at his last concert in Chile, it killed me to see him like that”, were some comments that this reaction generated from Luis Miguel.

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    The Mexican singer Cristian castro once again he decided to talk about Luis Miguel, because he decided to reveal his true relationship with his compatriot, and at the same time he made an unexpected request, since he assures that he would like him to be more affectionate.

    It was during the broadcast of the entertainment program “De Primera Mano” by Grupo Imagen, an interview was released that Cristian Castro offered to talk about Luis Miguel. In which the interpreter of “Raining Stars” sent a strong message to the interpreter of “Entregate”.

    Without holding anything back, the “Azul” singer said that he was present at one of Luis Miguel’s concerts, but unfortunately he did not receive any greetings. He confessed that “El Sol de Mexico” is a person who takes great care of his image and apparently that was the reason why he ignored him.

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    Given this, Cristian pointed out that, being compatriots, he would expect more camaraderie from Luis Miguel, since he assures that it did not cost him anything to give him a greeting. But apparently he still hasn’t forgiven him for having become romantically involved with one of his former romantic partners. She denied that he has any problem with “El Sol de Mexico.”

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