EntertainmentWhat did the renowned host Talina Fernandez die of?

    What did the renowned host Talina Fernandez die of?

    The world of entertainment and Hispanic journalism is in mourning after it was revealed that the great presenter and reporter, Talina Fernandez He passed away this Wednesday June 28 at the age of 78.

    The former host of Noticieros Televisa was hospitalized this Wednesday after presenting health complications.

    She was known not only for being a great presenter, but also for being the mother of the famous actress, also who has already passed away, Mariana Levy.

    According to the most recent reports in the Mexican press, such as Foro TV, First hand, among others, Talina would have died from leukemia that worsened.

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    He also suffered from myelodysplastic syndrome. His son Coco Levy was the one who announced this day that the health of the television presenter was complicated after being diagnosed with leukemia because “her blood was no longer useful.”

    After Foro TV confirmed Talina’s death, it was revealed that myelodysplastic syndrome is a disorder that can occur when blood-producing cells in the bone marrow become abnormal cells.

    What in colloquial language was what his son Coco Levy said, who revealed that his mother’s blood was no longer useful as such to keep her alive.

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    This causes the counts of one or more of the types of cells in the blood to drop. Myelodysplastic syndrome is considered a type of cancer.

    This condition causes normal cells to not be produced normally. Therefore, many of the blood cells that are produced by these bone marrow cells are defective, and therefore there is not enough oxygen for the proper functioning of the body.

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