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    Was there reconciliation? Rosalia and Rauw Alejandro raise suspicions of having resumed the relationship

    The end of the relationship between Rosalia and Rauw Alejandro took millions of fans who were hooked on the marriage commitment by surprise. which they announced in April when they premiered the video clip for ‘Beso’ and Now a small detail has raised suspicions of possible reconciliation.

    Since they finished, speculation began whether the decision was related to an alleged infidelity between the Puerto Rican and the Spanish. but he in a statement and even in Hayami Hanathe song he wrote for her after the breakup and in which he made it clear that he did not miss that relationship.

    “I will be many things, but never unfaithful, she always had the key to my cell phone, this was something else that is not in my power”are some of the verses in Raul’s song -as is his given name-.

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    For his part, when speculation began to emerge The Catalan singer wrote a brief message to defend her ex and say that it was not because of infidelity.

    “I love, respect and admire Raul very much. Don’t pay attention to the movies, we know what we have experienced. “This moment is not easy, so thank you everyone for understanding and respecting,” Rosalia wrote at that time.

    But things could take a 180 degree turn, since for days suspicions of reconciliation or at least attempts of that have been raised on social networks. Not for a message, not for a photo together, but for a book…

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    Yes, that would be the “proof” that would be creating a stir among the fans of the artists, well The ‘Motomami’ interpreter, among the photos she shared this week after being absent from social networks after ending the engagement, has the same book that the “2/Catorce” interpreter seems to be reading.

    A few days ago Rauw shared a photo traveling on a private plane to California and reading while doing it. The volume that the Puerto Rican had in his hands was the one that the Spanish woman later showed in her post.

    ‘Dictionary of poetic composition’is the text that both showed and that is an aid for composers when creating rhythms or songs.

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    In this case, it would be necessary to check if the book they published is the same copy that they have had in their photos, because that would mean that they are seeing each other in person again and there is hope that the couple’s reconciliation can occur.
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    Source: La Opinion

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