EntertainmentViewers celebrate the absence of Veronica Bastos in 'La Mesa Caliente'

    Viewers celebrate the absence of Veronica Bastos in ‘La Mesa Caliente’

    ‘La Mesa Caliente’ is a program that receives constant feedback from viewers through their social networks, particularly that of the camera, in which they publish videos of different segments of the show and thus expressed themselves about Tuesday’s edition , in which he was not present Veronica Bastos.

    But many of the fans of the Telemundo program did not regret the absence of the host, quite the contrary. And it is that since the departure of Alix Aspe and the incorporation of Aylin Mujica, a controversy began, in which the Costa Rican journalist has not come out very well before the audience.

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    Among the things that Internet users do not like about the way he conducts the program is that he raises his tone of voice a lot, in addition to the fact that they consider that he interrupts his colleagues a lot and does not allow them to give an objective opinion.

    “What a joy that Veronica was not there, you can appreciate the difference that everyone spoke without stealing the show like her”, “today was the best program since it began thanks to the fact that Veronica was not there” and “leave Veronica out today has been the better program because that rabble is not there ”were some of the messages that could be read in the publications of ‘La Mesa Caliente’.

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    On the other hand, some of the fans of the Telemundo show continue to miss other of the hosts, for example, Alix Aspe, who is no longer part of the television station, and Myrka Dellanos, who took a few days to celebrate the birthday of her daughter.

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    Source: La Opinion

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