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    Video of sad pregnant Yailin with Anuel AA goes viral in a public place

    Thursday, July 6, was very controversial on social media because a brawl broke out between Anuel AA, Yailin ‘The Most Viral’ and Tekashi 6ix9ine in which, among other things, The Dominican ended up accusing her ex of beating her while she was pregnant.

    In addition to showing a photo with a bruise on his face that the interpreter of ‘Mas Rica Que Ayer’ supposedly made him, Yailin also published some WhatsApp conversations and a video of a telephone conversation as evidence of the alleged threats that the reggaeton player would have made.

    In this context, Through the social network TikTok, a video of when the Puerto Rican and the Dominican were a couple has gone viral, which would show how sad she felt during her pregnancy because of the problems they had in their marriage.

    In an amateur clip that had already been made public in December 2022, when she was six months pregnant, it is possible to see the “Chivirika” sitting on a piece of furniture next to Anuel while he was talking with a man in a nightclub where an urban event was apparently taking place.

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    Yailin wore a set of pants and a black crop top that highlighted her advanced pregnancybut what most caught the attention of Internet users, who have made the video viral again, is that the artist seemed to be uncomfortable in the place.

    In the images she seemed overwhelmed by some situation that was happeningperhaps physical discomfort from your pregnancy or problems with your partner. For some netizens, his face in that video reflected sadness, annoyance, and disappointment.

    In social networks Many, when watching the video, recalled the hints that she threw at Karol Gwho was going through a painful time having left AA.

    “There were always signs, she already looked tired and because she was taking care of the p, she did not enjoy her pregnancy”; “But she liked to laugh at the other”; “She knew what Anuel was like, but one is mowed by money”; “When someone builds his happiness based on the tears of another person, it ends in the same way, but this time by his own actions, law of life”; “Poor my home, going through a struggle and one without knowing anything, and everyone talking bad about her”; “what starts badly ends badly” and “That is why we should not make fun of the pain of others, because we do not know what we are going to go through”can be read in some of the comments on social networks.

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    In the midst of the “take and give me” that began when Anuel AA reacted to the controversial message in which 6ix9ine called him a “rat” and accused him of being irresponsible with Cattleya – the three-month-old daughter he has with “La Mas Viral” – the American accused him of having physically mistreated the 21-year-old girl.

    “Tell the world that the reason Yailin doesn’t want to hear from you is because you beat her when she was pregnant. When she was 4 months pregnant, you also ran her over with a car in Casa de Campo”, He wrote in one of the stories in which they said everything.

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