EntertainmentVIDEO: Christian Nodal finally reveals the reasons why he tattooed his face...

    VIDEO: Christian Nodal finally reveals the reasons why he tattooed his face during a concert

    VIDEO: Christian Nodal finally reveals the reasons why he tattooed his face during a concert

    Christian Nodal is on tour through various states of Mexico, he recently performed at the Palenque in Guadalajara, Jalisco as part of the events of the October Festivities and his “Outlaws” tour, where he did very well and the public received him as one of the great artists.

    there the singer In addition to interpreting the most important songs of his career and with which he has achieved the fame he now enjoys, he was also talking with the people who attended to see him. Nodal is characterized by being honest about his personal life and one of the things that has questioned him the most in recent months is his decision to tattoo his face and body.

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    The 23-year-old born in Caborca, Sonora said he did not know what to say when asked why he was chosen, but it was a reporter who gave him a great idea and now it is what he mentions every time they want to know that information.

    The interpreter of “I live in six” and “La sinverguenza” pointed out that the journalist gave the perfect answer, he specified that he was never prepared to mention the reason, but now and according to what that person told him:

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    It should be noted that this could be part of one of the phrases of the theme “We are not and will not be anymore” in which it mentions: “I wanted, my skin, to fill it with tattoos, to cover the kisses you left. I can hide the history we live in, but I can’t erase you. They say that time will heal everything and I know it’s a lie, it’s impossible for me to forget the love of my life. Neither drinking like crazy, nor with another love either”referring to his successful piece.

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