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    Veronica del Castillo defends her ex-brother-in-law Ari Telch, after publishing a controversial photo with Rebecca Jones

    Veronica del Castillo defended her ex-brother-in-law Ari Telch, from the severe accusations that have been made to him for the message and the sensual photo he published of Rebecca Jonesby way of farewell.

    In the instant controversy, the actress who died at 65 years of age, can be seen in a very suggestive pose with the actor, as it is part of a soap opera scene where they acted together.

    Although Ari Telch has already clarified the matter, Veronica del Castillo defended the actor, after social networks and various media assured that it was not the right image to mourn the death of the actress.

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    “I don’t see any problem. That photo is divine, it’s from a long time ago… What a beauty, that’s how I want to remember her, that’s how I remember her, at her best moment, ”said the Mexican journalist to the press.

    Additionally, Veronica del Castillo broke the silence in relation to the criticism she received for the farewell message she dedicated to Rebecca Jones, who lost her life on March 22.

    “It is a letter that is how I wanted to say goodbye and that everyone thinks whatever. If it were a commercial, you would see a reference to a doctor, a phone number, a brand. I’m not selling what Rebecca asked for. I don’t sell what Rebecca asked me for, they were serums of many things. I don’t sell that, I help people,” stressed the presenter.

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    Source: La Opinion

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