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    Veronica Bastos and Mykra Dellanos have a new run-in on ‘La Mesa Caliente’

    Veronica Bastos continues to generate controversy in ‘La Mesa Caliente’, as she once again had a disagreement with her partner Myrka Dellanos and made it known to her in such a clear way that it caught the attention of many of the show’s followers.

    It all arose because of a news item related to the popular and controversial beauty treatment known as the “vampire facial”, which consists of extracting a patient’s blood and later centrifuging it to remove the plasma that contains platelets and growth factors, and finally returning it. to inject the person.

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    “Now there’s a new case of HIV related to a popular facial that I think we’ve all gotten here.”commented the presenter originally from Philadelphia to present the news, but was interrupted by the Costa Rican, who asked her not to include her in that comment, since she has never undergone an aesthetic procedure.

    “Not me, don’t add me to your list” Veronica Bastos commented and after finishing giving the note, they began a debate about this procedure in which, in addition to the American, Aylin Mujica spoke of its benefits, while Giselle Blondet also revealed that she had not undergone the “vampire facial” .

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    On the other hand, Veronica Bastos revealed the reason why she will never undergo an aesthetic treatment of this type. “I will die like a raisin, all wrinkled, because I don’t do any of those things, because I think I should age naturally. I am terrified of all those needles, I have not even gotten to Botox”he pointed.

    The Costa Rican does not have to make a lot of effort to provoke adverse reactions from the followers of ‘La Mesa Caliente’, since for months many of them have been dissatisfied with the way the program is conducted, but on this occasion the reactions in general they were positive.

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    “Very true Vero, so much that they criticize her and Vero tells the truth, whoever likes it likes it and if not, then no way” and “La Vero between word and word said it to her face that, they are not aging with dignity”were some of the comments that could be read on social networks, regarding this clash between the drivers.

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