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    Two different nude photoshoots, one received compliments and the other detained by the Goa Police

    A few days ago, actress Poonam Pandey had a bold photoshoot done in Goa, due to which Poonam is seen falling into trouble. The place where he did the photoshoot was a public place. After which she is accused of shooting a video in a public place. Following the allegations, Goa Police took Poonam Pandey into custody and it is expected that she may also be arrested.

    The case has been registered under section 294

    On Wednesday, the Women’s Wing of the Forward Party filed an FIR against Poonam alleging that Poonam had shot pornographic videos on Goa’s Chapoli Dam which is a public place, based on this complaint, a case has been registered under section 294. On Thursday, Goa police took Poonam into custody to inquire into the matter and it is possible that she would be arrested. Giving this information, Goa Police SP, Pankaj Kumar Singh told the news agency ANI that the police are investigating and further sections can be added during the proceedings.

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    Apart from this, an unknown person has also filed a case against Poonam for shooting pornographic videos at Canacona police station in Goa.

    Milind Soman Running Without Clothes

    On Wednesday, on the other hand, Bollywood actor and supermodel Milind Soman was celebrating his 55th birthday. On this occasion, he did a surprising thing. Milind Soman posted a picture on his birthday, in which he is seen running without any clothes on Goa beach. Sharing this picture, he wrote: “Happy birthday to me.” This picture has been taken by his wife Ankita Komar. This picture went viral on social media and was highly praised. Famous actor Kavita Kaushik shared Milind’s photo and wrote, “That’s why I like Twitter.” Milind, known for his fitness, is always active on social media and shares his photos and videos. Milind said in an interview on his fitness that he started running at the age of 40 and he loves running. A few months ago, she made headlines by marrying himself with several years younger Ankita Komar.

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    Apoorva Asrani’s viral tweet

    After the news of Poonam Pandey being taken into custody, Bollywood’s famous writer and editor Apoorva Asrani shared a photo of Poonam and Milind on Twitter, writing that “They both took off their clothes in Goa and got them photoshoots. Poonam took half the clothes unloaded while Milind took off his all clothes. After this, legal action was taken against Poonam, on the other hand, Milind is getting praise for this work. I think we are kinder to our nude men than our nude women.”

    A few days ago, Poonam Pandey made headlines about her marriage. 12 days after the wedding, during her honeymoon, she accused her husband of physical abuse. After which the police arrested Sam Bombay in Goa for threatening, beating, and harassing Poonam. However, an agreement was reached between the two and Poonam withdrew the case. Now everything is fixed between the two and both are living together.

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