EntertainmentTunden Juan Soler for "overlapping" the infidelity of Cristian de la Fuente;...

    Tunden Juan Soler for “overlapping” the infidelity of Cristian de la Fuente; this is how the actor reacted

    Tunden Juan Soler for "overlapping" the infidelity of Cristian de la Fuente; this is how the actor reacted

    Christian of the Source is under the eye of the hurricane thanks to the leak of a video in which he is seen passionately kissing a mysterious woman. However, he is not the only one who has been the target of criticism as a result of said video, since the Argentine John Soler also lives the ravages of the scandal. Here we tell you the details!

    It was on September 27 when an audiovisual came to light that compromised the actor’s fidelity. Though, the eyes have now turned to his partner Juan Soler, who was in the place next to the Chileansomething that many have failed.

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    Through platforms such as Twitter and Instagram there are dozens of comments in which Juan Soler is accused of overlapping the infidelity of Cristian de la Fuente.

    “This is how men always defend themselves to defend an incorrect action they have done. Sir, you are a divorced man, you can do whatever you want, but your friend has a wife. Don’t be a pimp”, stated a user under the publication of Primer Impacto.

    Despite the discontent that the public has shown, the protagonist of melodramas such as “” and “La Mexicana y el Guero” has been firm in his position. For this reason, He turned to his Instagram account to deal with the attacks.

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    Although Soler never mentions the name of Cristian de la Fuente or refers to the controversy, Internet users had no doubt that the message he issued was a direct response to his detractors.

    I read and heard people condemn an ​​action, when they did worse things. Take your time, think and be better people“, reads in the image that the Argentine shared from his profile.

    As expected, these words unleashed a wave of divided opinions that was reflected in the comments section, since while some applauded his message, others branded him ‘hypocritical’.

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