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    ‘Top Chef Vip 2’: the four finalists prepare to win the competition this Monday

    Laura Zapata, Alana Lliteras, German Montero and Sebastian Villalobos became the four finalists of ‘Top Chef VIP 2’, after two days of very complicated tests in Merida, Yucatan, where typical gastronomy played a very important role in the definition of competition.

    They were a couple of very exciting days for the five best chefs of the season, in which they were surprised that their dishes in Thursday’s test would be tasted by “experts”, who turned out to be some of their loved ones, who told us They gave away some of the most emotional moments of the season.

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    In the first part of the semifinal it was Sebastian who got the first ticket to the grand finalso in the second, the four remaining competitors looked for the three remaining passes, but they ran into unforeseen obstacles.

    This day began with the presence of Cristina Eustace, Mauricio Islas and Zuleyka Rivera, three of the finalists of the first edition, who offered them their best advice at such a difficult time and were part of the jury.

    And it is that the inclement weather did their thing and a heavy rain seriously complicated the preparations of Jesus More and Laura Zapatato the extent that the production had to intervene so that their dishes were not completely ruined.

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    Finally, the chefs deliberated that Alana, Laura and German will accompany Sebastian in the grand final this Monday, so Jesus More had to leave ‘Top Chef VIP 2’ for the second time and definitively.

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