Entertainment'Top Chef VIP 2': Alana Lliteras is the winner of the season

    ‘Top Chef VIP 2’: Alana Lliteras is the winner of the season

    Alana Lliteras became the winner of ‘Top Chef VIP 2’, after her dishes were the best in the final, in which Laura Zapata, Sebastian Villalobos and German Montero also put all their culinary knowledge into practice, but not They were enough to overcome whoever was the winner of ‘MasterChef Junior’ in Mexico.

    After many weeks of competition, only four contestants made it to the last episode of the season, in which family members, close friends, as well as former contestants who were eliminated during the contest, were present in the studio.

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    Today’s tests consisted of each of the finalists having to present a complete menu, which included a starter, a main course and a dessert, in which the most important thing, apart from the taste, was that they imprint their personal stamp on it.

    Alana was characterized throughout the competition for her taste for experimenting when cooking and in the final she was no exception, since in her three preparations she used elements that were very visually attractive, risking everything by adding items to his entree and dessert as he presented them.

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    For this reason, although his companions also cooked high-quality dishes the judges opted for the complexity of her work and thus she became the second winner of ‘Top Chef VIP’ and it also seems that she won a double prize, since in the end they confirmed what everyone assumed when she received a romantic kiss from Sebastian during the celebration.

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