EntertainmentTiare: a new value in music

    Tiare: a new value in music

    At the recent Latin Grammy Awards, Tiare was nominated in the Best New Artist category, competing against several performers, including a 95-year-old singer. Tiara is 17.

    In the end, the award went to Angela Alvarez —the 95-year-old artist— and Silvana Estrada —for the first time in the history of this award, two artists shared the award—, but that did not take away from Tiare having been one of the singer-songwriters youngest to be nominated for this recognition.

    In an interview she gave from her home in Lima, where she has lived for several years, this singer born in Venezuela spoke of “Dieciseis”, her debut EP and the one that made her known outside her country.

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    The person responsible for her voice now being heard commercially was Lucy Espinoza, a singing teacher. Lucy followed through her social networks whom she is now a representative of Tiare. On one occasion when this boy visited Lima, Lucy ran into him on the street and later she insisted that she listen to the singer’s music.

    “A week went by and he wasn’t responding,” he said. “But after insisting so much, she answered us and until today we work together.”

    Tiare’s album includes five songs that were written by her since she was 13 years old, and they talk about her teenage years. She also has a marked flamenco influence, and that is due, said the artist, to the fact that she has been studying this dance since she was 3 years old.

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    At the age of 9, Tiare began studying the guitar, and is now her inseparable companion when it comes to composing. And although she has plans to continue her career, she also wants to finish her studies at the Berklee College of Music, in Boston. There, starting in January, she will begin a career in musical production and composition.

    This plan was in her life since before she was nominated for the Latin Grammy, and she is confident that she will be able to carry both activities together.

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    “It may be that when I am in the United States things will be easier for me [con mi carrera de cantante]”, said. “If you want, you can”.

    It’s a four-year college course, and she believes that if she’s already accomplished so much at her age, getting a certificate from a university won’t be impossible.

    Source: La Opinion

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