EntertainmentThis is what the house in Germany where Benedict XVI was born...

    This is what the house in Germany where Benedict XVI was born 95 years ago looks like today

    On April 16, 1927, in the German town of Marktl am Inn, he was born. Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger, who 78 years later became pope of the Catholic Church and took the name Benedict XVI. He resigned from his position on February 28, 2013 and since then and until his death on Saturday December 31, he lived in Mater Ecclesiae, a monastery that was founded in 1994 by Pope John Paul II.

    During his first years of life, little Joseph Aloisius lived at number 11 Marktplatz street, located a very short distance from the town hall and the market square, so its location is more than enviable.

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    The house, from what we have been able to see in various images posted on the Internet, is located on a corner and is not humble at all, being distributed over two floors and having a kind of attic.

    Despite its age, the house looks like it did in its best days. Its facade is white with details in cream, while its windows are made of wood.

    Inside it houses a museum, which exhibits various elements that belonged to Benedict XVI, as well as various phrases that at some point were pronounced by the former leader of the Catholic Church.

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    The museum is currently closed, but until a few months ago it still received daily visits from people interested in learning more about its legacy. The entrance fee was €4.

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