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    This is what the childhood homes of Los Tigres del Norte and Los Tucanes de Tijuana look like today

    Los Tigres del Norte and Los Tucanes de Tijuana are currently considered two of the largest groups in the Mexican regional. Although today its members enjoy great fortune and fame, their childhood years were not entirely easy, as we could attest when we saw the houses in which some of its members grew up.

    For example, the main members of Los Tigres del Norte grew up without great luxuries in Mocorito, Sinaloa, as we were able to witness in a visit that the influencer Margarito made to the houses of Oscar Lara and of the hernandez brothers.

    The house where the brothers Hernan, Jorge and Raul were born is located on a dirt road and on a lot of considerable size.

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    The current house is on one floor and is fenced in by a white fence and red brick columns.

    The building’s facade is in light tones with details in red around the door, its windows and its air conditioning.

    Meanwhile, the home of Oscar Lara, drummer for Los Tigres del Norte, which still belongs to his brother, is located on a fairly large piece of land surrounded by large and leafy trees, being under one of them where the founding members used to meet. to rehearse and perfect your chords.

    Just as we already learned about the childhood loss of Los Tigres, in Los Tucanes de Tijuana the rancheras do not sing badly and Mario Quinterotheir leader, also grew up in a residence like any other.

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    His house, as we were able to witness in a video of the influencer Margarito, does not look like it did in those days, since fame and money led the great Mario Quintero to build a house worthy of his legacy, although today it is abandoned. .

    Thanks to that visit we were able to notice that the house of the interpreter of ‘La Chona’ is located on a dirt road and that it is delimited by a fence and a fence.

    The house, which, like the fence, is under construction, has two floors and has very large green areas, which stand out for their uncut undergrowth and an imposing grapefruit tree.

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    Inside the property there is also a brick construction with a tin roof, which could be a kind of workshop.

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