EntertainmentThis is what Osama bin Laden's abandoned mansion in Florida looks like...

    This is what Osama bin Laden’s abandoned mansion in Florida looks like today

    The Arab terrorist Osama bin Laden, who died on May 2, 2011 in Pakistan, made part of his life, along with his family, in the United States, which led them to have various properties in the country.

    One of those residences is the one located in the state of Florida, which was the home of one of his brothers, Khalid bin Laden, but today it is in total abandonment. The family sold it in 2006 and for $4,000,000 dollarsa businessman.

    After that purchase, it has changed owners on several occasions, the penultimate being the one that occurred in 2014 when a couple acquired it with the purpose of demolishing it and building a building with a capacity for 240 apartments in its place, but they did not receive authorization from the authorities. authorities and sold it, 2019, to a developed company, which still does nothing in the place,

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    The property, with an approximate value of $7,500,000 dollars and which is Mediterranean in style, was recently visited by a youtuber, who through his video channel Abandoned Urbex Canadashowed us what a two-story house with a white facade, large windows and a tile roof looks like.

    The house, which is nearly 100 years old, has an extension of 9,700 square feetwith five bedrooms, with five bathrooms, with a hall, with a kitchen, with a dining room, with a living room, with a main room, with a basement, among other rooms.

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    Despite the fact that it has not been inhabited for some time, the house is in a good state of internal conservation, its walls are still painted white and there are almost no broken glass.

    It still retains some of the kitchen furniture, as well as the equipment of its multiple bathrooms, the bathtub and the keys to its dressers, which are golden in color, are striking.

    Abroad, in his lot of about 17 acresIt has a terrace, with extensive green areas with uncut grass and weeds, as well as a pool with stagnant water, with a guest house, overlooking a lake, among other amenities.

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