EntertainmentThis is how Julian Gil reacted to Marjorie de Sousa's statements. There...

    This is how Julian Gil reacted to Marjorie de Sousa’s statements. There is hope! | VIDEO

    to the poor of Julian Gil It’s going to give her something with the radical mood swings that the Venezuelan has later, Marjorie deSousa.

    Who just a few days ago decided to change his mind about whether his son Matias will finally be able to see his father, who has not tired of looking for him endlessly.

    Apparently Marjorie reconsidered, at least we hope so, and opened a door that seemed to be sealed forever. By confessing that she is willing for her son to have a rapprochement with her father. As far as we can remember, Julian hasn’t seen his son for more than three years.

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    It was during a press conference, where the Venezuelan was questioned about whether there was a possibility that she would give Julian a chance to live with Matias again.

    Therefore, the star of melodramas such as “La Desalmada” and “My Husband Has a Family” responded very differently to the speech that he had been handling for a long time.

    Said Marjorie, who also explained that her son does not hold a grudge against his father because she has not encouraged him.

    Upon learning of this, Julian was almost speechless. And it was while he was presenting the note of Marjorie de Sousa’s words in “Sit whoever can” that he couldn’t help but get emotional.

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    Since, if we remember, Julian has not been able to see Matias since he lost custody of the minor in 2020. Date since the Venezuelan did not allow him to see his son.

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    Source: La Opinion

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