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    They sue Jose Manuel Figueroa for irregularities in the distribution of Joan Sebastian’s inheritance

    Despite Jose Manuel Figueroa ensures that everything is in order, regarding the distribution of the inheritance of Joan Sebastian is concerned, the reality is very different, when it is revealed that the ex of Ninel Conde is being sued by the executor and the grandchildren of the People’s Poet.

    According to documents released by Chamonic3, the now fiance of the Venezuelan Marie Claire is being targeted by several of Joan Sebastian’s heirs, assuring that the accounts do not add up regarding the supposed fortune that the man would have left behind. distinguished interpreter to his descendants.

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    “Jose Manuel Figueroa and his sisters are being sued for Juliana Figueroa and by the grandchildren of Don Joan Sebastian, sons of Sebastian and Figueroa Wheat. They are making this demand because they want an accounting of these last 8 years of where the money is, to find out what has been done with it,” Chamonic3 highlighted through his social networks.

    In its publication, which was accompanied by official documents, it is also highlighted that the main conflicts are related to the company ‘Promised Land’, from which Jose Manuel, Alina Espin, Marcelia Figueroa, Zarelia Figueroa, Julian Figueroa benefited, while that Juliana Figueroa, Trino and Sebastian were taken out of the play.

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    “The curious thing is that this company is run by Jose Manuel Figueroa, who, months before Don Joan died, had a power of attorney with which he was able to change the shares and distributed to 5 people, leaving out 3 brothers, 2 died (Trino and Sebastian) but the money goes to the children of their brothers”, continued the influencer.

    In his same publication, he highlighted that further details of the company that Joan Sebastian would have left to part of his heirs are unknown, but he did not rule out that it was fictitious, since they have not paid taxes for years and continues to be registered with the social security of the interpreter of ‘Tattoos’.

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