EntertainmentThey rob the house of Juan Gabriel in Ciudad Juarez; what...

    They rob the house of Juan Gabriel in Ciudad Juarez; what is known so far

    A famous house that belonged to the late singer Juan Gabriel, was robbed last Friday, May 26. At least four men entered the building, reported the Chihuahua, Mexico Attorney General’s Office (FGE).

    According to the report, the robbery occurred before eight o’clock on Friday night in the residence known as ‘Casa Victoria’which is located on Avenida Lerdo #356, in Ciudad Juarez.

    The robbery would have occurred when the person who cares for the property left. Upon returning, he realized that objects belonging to “El Divo de Juarez” were missing and reported them to the authorities.

    “They went in to steal, right now they are doing the investigations, I spoke to the State Attorney and now they are helping me investigate, to know where they entered, what they took,” commented Silvia Urquidi, legal representative of the house, in an interview for Diario MX.

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    At first, it was reported that a stove and appliances, which were the easiest objects to distinguish with the naked eye, were missing from the property.

    Urquidi also speculated that the crime could be something unplanned and that the thieves simply took advantage of the place alone, since In their opinion, if they had done it knowing what they were looking for, they would have stolen belongings of greater value. However, so far the authorities have not provided information on the total value of stolen objects.

    According to the Mexican media outlet El Universal, less than 24 hours after having robbed the first time at ‘Casa Victoria’, a man, suspected of the first crime, tried to replicate his misdeed on a second day.

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    The alleged criminal was identified as Jesus Manuel RM, 33, who was arrested when he returned to the famous house of Juan Gabriel to try to take other objects, including: a guitar, paintings, recognitions and clothes.

    The Mexican media also published that the man would have confessed that he sold the electrical appliances that were taken on May 26.

    The Municipal Public Security Secretariat indicated that the subject had already been arrested in May for another robbery at a house.

    The property had a sentimental value for the interpreter of ‘Until I met you’, as it would have been a property in which his mother worked as a domestic and, when he had fame and money, he bought the property and gave it to his mother.

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    After the singer’s death, that house was opened as a museum to exhibit his legacy, but the authorities closed it within hours of its inauguration in August 2019.

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    Source: La Opinion

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