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    “They had no mercy”: Sofia Castro told how the attacks affected her and her family during the EPN government

    Sofia Castro is currently part of the Univision telenovela ‘Tierra De Esperanza’, but until 2018 she was more recognized for being the stepdaughter of the then president of Mexico Enrique Pena Nietowho ruled from 2012 until that year and married his mother Angelica Rivera in November 2010.

    The actress does not usually talk much about that period of her life, especially after “La Gaviota” decided to end her marriage with the former president, but recently Yordi Rosado released an interview on her YouTube channel in which she recounted the most complicated part of that experience that marked her life.

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    The 26-year-old revealed that both the former president and her parents spoke with her and her sisters to explain the importance of what it meant to be part of the family of the highest authority in the country and the responsibility that this brought with it. However, she also revealed that her starting her career in show business made her more exposed.

    “For me it was very difficult because of my career. I was a public figure and they took me as a spokesperson”she revealed as she recalled an occasion when a presenter hounded her at an awards show to get her to give him a statement about her family.

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    “We always did the best we could, we held our own, because people were ugly, they told me very ugly things on social networks. It cost me my self-esteem, that they closed so many doors on me. Yes, there were unique opportunities and experiences, but in politics it is black or white, it is not grey.”he explained.

    In addition, he confessed that he suffered from eating problems due to the constant attacks he received. “Yes, I did have food issues due to the consequence of social networks, because they had no mercy, I am not throwing myself to the floor, they had no mercy in how they attacked me, how they were merciless”.

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    Despite the fact that several years have passed, Sofia Castro said that she still continues to receive criticism, but revealed that they no longer affect her as much. “I do not owe anything to anyone, I can be calm that what I have done, my work, my effort, and what I am, I can be calm that I have done it alone,” she pointed out.

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