EntertainmentThey expose a new video of the beating of Alfredo Adame that...

    They expose a new video of the beating of Alfredo Adame that contradicts the actor’s version

    A few days after the fight in which he was once again involved Alfredo Adame, a new video came to light that contradicts the actor’s versionbecause the moment in which he gives the first kick before being attacked is appreciated and he was not surprised by two men as he assured in his first statements.

    Last Wednesday, September 28, the actor and host Alfredo Adame was involved in a new controversy, and that is that he was brutally beaten by two men outside his home located south of Mexico City, an attack for which even He suffered serious injuries to one eye that have caused him to lose sight by 30%.

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    Shortly after receiving urgent medical care at a hospital, the actor immediately went to the authorities to give his statement, in addition to sharing in some media outlets how the attack that caused severe consequences happened.

    “At that moment he turns around and tells me: ‘You get out of here, don’t be a gossip.’ I said, ‘Don’t talk to me like that.’ At that moment he throws me a blow, I avoid the blow and he kicks me, I let him go and he goes back and I kicked him. He comes up behind the other one and gives me a bell so they can see nothing else. They throw me to the ground, I fall from the trancazo and then they start beating me on the ground. That’s when the police arrive, stop them and grab them, “explained Adame before the cameras of the ‘Ventaneando’ program.

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    However, a week after what happened, journalist Carlos Jimenez shared a video on Twitter showing the exact moment the actor was assaulted, and in which it is shown that he was the one who threw the first blow, contradicting his previous version.

    In the recording of a few seconds, the presenter also appears arguing with two men whom he gives a first kick, then lowers a third from a motorcycle and hits him from behind. Once Adame falls, they continue to beat him until the police intervene, as he pointed out.

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    Source: La Opinion

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