EntertainmentThey exhibit the penthouse and other luxuries that Lele Pons would have...

    They exhibit the penthouse and other luxuries that Lele Pons would have requested to visit Panama

    The Venezuelan influencer lele pons27 years old and who is the niece of Chayannewould have become very demanding on the occasion of the next visit that guiana will do to Panama on the occasion of his show at the Paradise Music Festival, by making himself known everything he would have asked for to make his visit to the Central American country as pleasant as possible.

    According to the Mi Diario portal, the singer will also stay in a penthouse at the Playa Blanca Resort, where she will enjoy four bedrooms and incredible views of the sea.

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    In addition to the luxurious accommodation, Lele Pons would have also requested 40 black and white towels, 60 red gatorades, his pitahaya endowment, 2 horses and 4 jet skis.

    It also transpired that Lele will take advantage of her husband’s trip to Panama to film something like a bunny on the beaches of Panama, until now it is unknown what she will do, but she will do something, that is more than said.

    The Paradise Music Festival will be held in Panama on August 18 and 19 and will feature a great lineup of singers on both dates, Guaynna being one of the most renowned artists and whose show will be in charge of closing the festival.

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    Source: La Opinion

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