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    ‘The House of Famous Mexico’: They accuse Sergio Mayer of putting Team Infierno against Nicola Porcella

    The imminent elimination of a member of Team Infierno from “La Casa de los Famosos Mexico” for the first time in the season apparently began to divide the group and also their groups of fans, because during the weekend a movement was generated to remove Sergio Mayer, with the legend “Fuera Sergio”.

    This after for some followers of the reality show, the so-called “Tata” He tried to make Nicola Porcella look bad in a conversation he had with Apio Quijano, Wendy Guevara and Emilio Osorio in which he questioned the Peruvian’s loyalty to Team Infierno.

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    “My question is: have you been undercover? After what I’m listening to, I say ‘Yes, they agree, they don’t give points, they protect each other’. Are we sleeping with the enemy? Let’s see, why don’t they give each other points?”the actor asked his teammates.

    He said this due to the good relationship Nicola has with Jorge Losa and “La Barby” Juarez, the only two Team Cielo participants left in the competition and who this week ensured their permanence after the Spaniard won the Leader’s Test.

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    However, the users were also surprised by the change in attitude that Wendy had with Nicola in recent days, since they had had a relationship that won the hearts of many of the viewers.

    In the first place, it was surprising that the influencer gave him a point at the Nomination Gala last Wednesday, but what people cannot explain was his reaction to misinterpreting a conversation that the Peruvian had with “La Barby”, in which he was telling him all the controversies in which he has been involved.

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    The problem was that the member of “Las Perdidas” thought he was talking about her behind her back, so she confronted him. This greatly affected Nicola, who had an anxiety attack and had to be reassured by the two members of Team Cielo, for what could be the beginning of his break with the Fourth Hell, in case he remains in the competition.

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