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    ‘The House of Famous Mexico’: Raquel Bigorra is the fourth eliminated and sends a hard message to Barbara Torres

    Raquel Bigorra became the fourth eliminated from ‘La Casa de los Famosos Mexico’, after failing to outvote Sergio Mayer and Paul Stanley during the Elimination Gala. In this wayShe became the fourth woman to leave the addition to being the third inhabitant of the Fourth Heaven to come out of contention.

    But he didn’t go quietly because in his farewell message he went with everything against Barbara Torreswith whom he previously had an exchange of words during the positioning and a strong discussion in previous days.

    “Oh Raquel, I think I have a long list, I feel like I have more and more things to tell you, I feel that if we continue to live together it will be more and more difficult, but yesterday I understood that if we already bump into each other, coexistence is easier, unfortunately I am very direct and you are notI feel that you use too many things that are around you to try to say something that is not real and I think that you are not as sincere a person as you appear to be, ”the Argentine actress commented as the reasons why she wanted her out.

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    After that exchange of words in which both made it clear that they do not enjoy each other’s company, Raquel Bigorra did not miss the opportunity for her last words to the inhabitants of ‘La Casa de los Famosos’ to be addressed to her and also to them He left a recommendation to his former teammates.

    “Now that I’m out here, I have to admit that one of you is playing several characters, be very careful, stick to the script because out here they do kill you for a mistake, stick to the script. Do you know who the message is for?”exclaimed the Cuban in her last interaction with the inhabitants of the house.

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    The answer was clear from “Apio” Quijano, who immediately said that it was Barbara, who did not remain silent. “I think it was for you, Raquel, oh” and he added to her, “that’s called being on fire, Raquel.”

    This situation leaves the inhabitants of the house red hot just before it is defined who will be the new leader and leaves everyone intrigued to know what Raquel Bigorra will say tomorrow, when they give her more time to talk about her experience in ‘ The House of the Famous Mexico’.

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