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    ‘The House of Famous Mexico’: Paul Stanley is eliminated and Team Cielo falls apart

    The fifth Elimination Gala of ‘The House of Famous’ presented a new blow, which seems definitive, for the Fourth Heaven, because despite the popularity of Paul Stanley, the union shown by the fans of the Fourth Hell caused the actor and driver had to leave the competition.

    It was a very tense night for the participants of Team Infierno, because they knew that this time they had everything to lose, since the son of Paco Stanley was the strongest participant of Team Cielo remaining in the competition and on this occasion they had two nominees, so the vote to support them could be divided.

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    However, the mobilization of the fans of both Sergio Mayer and Emilio Osorio was impressive and from very early on they met outside the house to shout at them and show their support, something that at one point greatly moved the former member of Garibaldi, who thanked the expressions of affection and said that he would like to meet those who met outside the building.

    It was precisely he who Galilea Montijo asked to return to meet with his companions, for which he fIt was Paul and Emilio who had to enter the door of the Great Decision, where the future of both was defined.

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    Finally, the one who was able to return to the garden of “La Casa de los Famosos” was the son of Niurka Marcos and Juan Osorio, so the host of “Hoy” was the first man to leave the reality show, after the first ones were eliminated were Marie Claire Harp, Sofia Rivera Torres, Ferka and Raquel Bigorra.

    However, as every week, the eliminated player was able to say goodbye to everyone and sent a warning to Sergio Mayer and Poncho De Nigris. “I want to make one thing clear to my Sergio and my Poncho, ‘the treacherous bastard’, just as you said, it wasn’t me dad, it wasn’t me, I didn’t forget it”in what seemed like a last attempt to try to destabilize Team Infierno.

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    On the other hand, Wendy Guevara announced during the week that if the team kept all its members after this Sunday, it would be the end of the non-aggression pact they have between them, so as of next Wednesday it would no longer be considered a betrayal to vote for one of your roommates.

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