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    ‘The House of Famous Mexico’: Barbara Torres is the sixth eliminated from the reality show

    Barbara Torres became the sixth eliminated from “La Casa de los Famosos Mexico”, after being surpassed in the public vote by Wendy Guevara and Poncho de Nigris, so the ranks of the Fourth Hell remain intact and only remain two tenants in the Heaven Room.

    The Elimination Gala started off very intensely, as For the first time in the season, all the inhabitants of the house who were not at risk positioned themselves unanimously for the departure of the Argentine actress.making it clear that living with her was already very difficult.

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    Later, she had an exchange of words with Wendy and Poncho, who responded to Galilea Montijo that the reason why all her classmates did that was because she had problems with everyone.

    Later, there were setbacks when they went up to the door of the Great Decision, because once Barbara got up, she got stuck, so they had to go to a commercial break and repeat the process, which increased the tension between the inhabitants of ‘La Casa de the famous’.

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    Subsequently, Everyone’s forecasts within the reality show were met and it was Barbara who had to withdraw from the competition at the end of this sixth week and apparently it was also a relief for her to leave the competition and she had an emotional reunion with her son, who crying asked for respect for his mother especially on social media.

    “I never sign a contract like this again”were some of the first that he said when leaving the competition, given the words of encouragement that Galilea gave him, who acknowledged that he had been the only person who played alone from the beginning.

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    Finally, she said goodbye to her teammates and was the most emotional so far this season and only told Apio, Jorge and “Barby” that they will surely have to be nominated this week.

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