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    The gesture of Karol G’s parents that shows that they accept their daughter’s relationship with Feid

    The photos of Karol G and Feid arriving together and holding hands at the concert that the Colombian gave in Miami Last Friday they were at the top of the most commented news this weekend, especially since the lovebirds and even the in-laws stopped hiding.

    Well yes, the parents of the ‘Bichota’, Guillermo Giraldo and Marta Navarro no longer hide the affection they have for their daughter’s partner and they let themselves be seen happily enjoying the show offered by the interpreter of ‘Hey Mor’ at the American Airlines Stadium in Miami.

    Throught social media Photos and videos of the ‘Papas ​​G’ dressed in various shades of green have circulated -color that identifies Feid as an artist- and even white glasses with dark lenses with the writing “Ferxxo” on them.

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    In the union of the family there is strength and the artist’s in-laws are very clear about it, their attendance at the great event also served to confirm that the courtship of Carolina Giraldo and Salomon Villada Hoyos is approved by their relatives.

    Fans present managed to capture how ‘Dad G’ enjoyed recording the entire show that Feid gave and ‘Mom’ G danced.

    Despite the fact that the photographs of Karol G and Feid were not published on their social network accounts, they went viral on social networks, being interpreted as confirmation of the relationship that had been rumored for months.

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    Many also consider that the leak of the images is a response to Anuel AA, who has excessively tried to attract the attention of the “Bichota” by naming her in concerts, dedicating obscene songs to her and attacking Feid with insults.

    So far none of the ‘Friki’ interpreters have spoken about their photos together, nor Anuel AA who even starred in a wave of memes and criticism on social networks since Friday.

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    Source: La Opinion

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