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    The famous actor Armando Araiza suffers an accident in a reality show in Turkiye

    Once again TV Azteca gave the surprise with the premiere of the new season of “La Isla Desafio Turkey”, where one of the most famous and beloved participants is Armando Araiza, brother of Raul “Negro” Araiza, host of the “Hoy program ”.

    During the first days of competition, Armando Araiza has demonstrated his physical and mental ability, but unfortunately he will suffer a terrible accident that will jeopardize his continuity within the reality show or at least that is what fans speculate.

    In the preview of the episode that will be broadcast this Thursday, August 31, the followers of “La Isla Desafio Turkey” witnessed the serious accident suffered by Armando Araiza from the “Los Intensos” team. Apparently the actor will be rushed to a nearby hospital.

    In the images we see that three participants of the reality show will be transferred to a new place to spend the night, but everything seems to indicate that the situation will get out of control after Raul “Negro” Araiza’s brother suffers a dangerous accident.

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    Although until now it is not known exactly what happened, in the images we see that Armando Araiza is helped by his companions and even an ambulance goes to the place so that he receives the medical attention he needs.

    As expected, the preview of episode 4 of “Turkey Challenge Island” generated uncertainty among fans. Some claimed that the actor possibly suffered an insect bite or hit himself with some object. At this time it is unknown whether or not he will continue in the competition.

    Who is Armando Araiza?

    Armando Araiza is the brother of the host of the “Hoy program”, Raul “Negro” Araiza. He is currently 53 years old and is part of the “Los Intensos” team in the return to the small screen of the program “La Isla Desafio Turkey”.

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    Throughout his career, the actor has stood out for the work he has done as the protagonist of soap operas such as “Designing your love”, “Barrera de amor” and “A lucky family”.

    The famous man revealed that it was during this period where he faced one of the most painful moments of his life, as he came to the conclusion that the trigger for his addictions was the absence of his father, the actor and director Raul Araiza.

    “The emptiness that I had, what was it that I went desperate to look for? It is absence, it is abandonment, father’s abandonment“, revealed. “As they said inside, the fantasy of every addict, whatever it is, is seek recognition from the father, that father who did not applaud me, did not kiss me enough, gave me love as he could“My father was a man without love, he didn’t know how to give it,” he added.

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    In addition to this, the “Members on Air” presenter assured that he found himself confronted with himself and “with no escape” from his defects. “I think that’s my biggest flaw: dishonesty with me.. That accumulated a lot of things and emotionally it was getting worse,” she explained.

    “I put on my best faces and they told me at the clinic: ‘You put on a lot of characters, but how many do you do so as not to show the real Raul?’ That hurt me a lot, but It’s a search I must do“said Norma Herrera’s son.

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