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    ‘The Crown’: first images of Kate Middleton and Prince William in the sixth season

    The filming of the long-awaited sixth season of the series ‘The Crown’ is already underway and have provided an exclusive look at the actors who will play the princes of Wales, William and Kate Middleton in his younger years at the University of Saint Andrews.

    Ed McVey and Meg Bellamy They have gotten into the skin of the Dukes of Cambridge and, according to some rumors, their first scene together could mirror the iconic encounter in which they first met.

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    On social networks, Internet users have made some comparisons of real photographs of William and Kate in the 2000s with the actors who play the characters in the series that they are filming about British royalty.

    The Netflix series, which has conquered the public since its premiere, was affected by the death of the Queen of England, Elizabeth II, on September 8, 2022, which temporarily halted production of the sixth season.

    However, The Crown is still one of the great successes of the platform, placing itself in the Top 10 after the sad news of the death of the monarch. With each new season, the series shows fans more of the life of Elizabeth II and her family.

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    In the new season, it will focus on the 90s, where some of the most important events of British royalty will be discussed, including the death of Diana of Wales in 1997. However, with this theme they will have special tact. They will avoid showing the moment of his death and the moments after it, treating the subject with special care.

    The premiere date of the sixth season of ‘The Crown’ is still unknown, but the series promises to be a resounding success.
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