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    The costume designer and the director of the HBO series “Euphoria” give details about the third season

    It’s been over a year and a half since the second season of the hit series of HBO “Euphoria”garnering good reviews and many award nominations Emmy. But it seems that the fans will have to wait a long time for the new chapters; meanwhile, the costume designer of the show, Heidi Bivenshas released some details about the plot line in the upcoming adventures of the characters.

    In a recent interview with Vogue Bivens spoke about the character of Rue, played by zendayawho struggles with her addictions while studying: “I am very excited to read the scripts. It is said that the story will take place five years after the events shown in the second season.and that (the characters) are no longer in high school.”

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    sam levinsoncreator, director and producer of the show, also commented to Vogue that in the new stage of Euphoria Rue will “explore what it means to be a principled individual in a world filled with corruption,” calling the season a “film noir” in that sense. Filming dates will be further pushed back if the Hollywood actors’ and writers’ strike continues, and the story will no longer feature the characters. Barbie Ferreira (who resigned a few months ago) and the actor Angus Clouddied on July 31.

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