EntertainmentThe best memes of Ben Affleck "boring" at the 2023 Grammy ceremony

    The best memes of Ben Affleck “boring” at the 2023 Grammy ceremony

    The face of apparent boredom that Ben Affleck showed during the celebration of the 65th edition of the Grammys became a trend on social networks. Netizens did not ignore his expressions and made him the “meme king” of the event.

    The actor attended the delivery with his wife, the singer Jennifer Lopez, who was invited and wore a spectacular dress that made her look glamorous and sexy. Besides, Contrary to the interpreter of Batman, JLo was empathetic when dancing, laughing and enjoying the night.

    Since Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez got married in 2022, after they first ended their love relationship 17 years ago, the cameras have sometimes captured the actor with a “tired” face; expression that he showed in these Grammys.

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    Spanish and English-speaking Internet users did not wait long, when they saw the images of the couple, they overflowed social networks with comments and memes about Ben Affleck.

    Some assured that the film director was not having his best daythat even his wife had forced him to go and that is why he felt “miserable”.

    Others compared Affleck to a cat famous online for showing disinterested gestures.

    There was no shortage of those who made jokes that the artist’s uncomfortable face was because he had realized that perhaps it was not a good decision to marry his ex, Jennifer Lopez.

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    Even with SpongeBob they compared the expressions of the Hollywood actor at the Grammys.

    Another of the memes that circulated made reference to the film Flees! (get out)to imply that possibly Affleck had been hypnotized into going to the ceremony.

    Screenshot on Twitter.

    For his part, Although Jennifer Lopez tried to stay animated in her chair, she was caught talking seriously to Affleckwho continued with a long face despite having cameras in front of him.

    “Ben Affleck has a constant Monday mood”; “Ben Affleck is me when they take me to a party where I don’t know anyone”; “Ben Affleck is any husband dragged into a work thing of his wife”Said others of the thousands of comments that the actor unleashed on his face at the event.
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