EntertainmentThe Bachelor, Juan Pablo Galavis, sues reggaeton player Danny Ocean for millions...

    The Bachelor, Juan Pablo Galavis, sues reggaeton player Danny Ocean for millions of dollars

    The Bachelor, Juan Pablo Galavis, sues reggaeton player Danny Ocean for millions of dollars

    Danny Ocean is being countersued for millions of dollars for which the winner of TheBachelor, John Paul Galaviswhose legal representative is nothing more and nothing less than the former lawyer Carol G, Luis Fonsi, pitbull and who did what Paul London will win his battle with big leagues. The Venezuelan reggaeton player would have sued him first, so this is presented as a counterclaim.

    James G. Sammataro is the name of the lawyer who will take the exponent of the urban genre, Danny Ocean. Daniel Morales, as the artist is really called, is facing a claim that was filed by whoever was also the legal representative of Carol G Y Luis Fonsi and who was hired on this occasion by the former soccer player, businessman in the music industry and TheBachelor, John Paul Galavis.

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    It turns out that he himself was a partner of Danny Ocean. The first to file a lawsuit was the latter. The reasons are unknown officially on the artist’s side. John Paul Galavis responded with another in the same state of Florida. He alleges that the reggaeton player turned his back on him after he spent a lot of time helping him and promoting him to advance his career, especially on YouTube.

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    Galavis’ lawsuit alleges that he catapulted Morales’ career by helping to rebrand Morales as Daniel OCT (to “Danny Ocean”); relaunch of “I refusedeither”; and obtain record deals and publishing deals from Morales for millionaire figures. The lawsuit states: “After successfully rebranding Morales, and with the growing success of “Me Rehuso” – which, now, has 1.7 billion views on YouTube and was recently recognized by Billboard as one of the top 100 songs Reggaeton of all time. He is also a model and actor. John Paul Galavis He took advantage of his professional contacts, which caused interest from several heavyweights within the music industry, as stated in the press release sent by his communications team.

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    This counterclaim arises after allegedly Danny Ocean refused to pay him some agreed percentages, according to sources close to the environment commented unofficially. Something that in a certain way is exposed in the announcement of the winner of TheBachelor. He alleges that part of the singer’s success is due to the connections he provided John Paul Galavis to Ocean with major record companies and music publishers: “He immediately bit the hand that fed him”.

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    For his part, the Venezuelan singer has not responded. He himself launched his new musical theme a few months ago and, until the time of closing this note, neither he nor his representatives had spoken about it. We will have to wait for him to confirm or deny this information. For now, we leave you the video clip of “I will fly” which has almost 10 million views on Yyoutube.

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