EntertainmentThe alleged motive that led Luis Enrique Guzman to doubt his paternity...

    The alleged motive that led Luis Enrique Guzman to doubt his paternity comes to light | VIDEO

    Every day more and more information emerges about the new scandal that involves the Pinal Dynasty, because this time the alleged reasons that led to Luis Enrique Guzman to take a paternity test with what until now is his son, Apolo.

    Just as you read it, it turns out that during a broadcast of the BANDAMAX show program, “La Esquina de la primicia”, the conductor Victor Hugo Sanchez, revealed the alleged reasons that led the brother of Alejandra Guzman to make this delicate decision.

    Well, we cannot forget that just a week ago, Luis Enrique announced through his lawyers that little Apolo was not his son.

    Verifying it with a laboratory test where He compared his DNA compatibility with the little son he allegedly had with the controversial Mayela Laguna. Which supposedly showed that there was a 0% compatibility between the two.

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    Given this, said communicator confessed that supposedly the son of Silvia Pinal and Enrique Guzman, would have surprised Mayela Laguna in the middle of a sexual act with another man, in one of the apartments that the famous couple had.

    Just this would have triggered his suspicions about the possible false paternity he would have had with little Apollo. Well, according to what Sanchez told, Luis Enrique had a feeling that something was happening with his ex-partner, and just his instinct made him catch her red-handed.

    Well, this apartment was located just above the pizzeria they had, that’s when he supposedly found Mayela with another man.

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    This supposedly caused Luis Enrique Guzman to go into a rage and beat the subject with whom Mayela shared her privacy, while she also suffered a few.

    Upon realizing the alleged infidelity, Luis Enrique would have realized that this had not happened on a single occasion, but surely the deceptions came from many years before, for which reason the DNA test was done immediately the next day.

    Given this, Mayela Laguna, now Luis Enrique Guzman’s ex-partner, pointed out that little Apolo is his biological son.

    For this reason, he asked that they take a test again, but now all 3. And about whether the accusations against him were real, he confessed to the TV Azteca program “Venga la alegria” that this is completely false.

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